Terms and Conditions

  1. STANDARD COLLATERAL FOR ALL LOANS – group guarantees, compulsory savings, individual third party guarantee, cash-backed lending based on members total investment, promissory notes executed in court.

  2. CONTINUOUS APPRAISAL OF BORROWER/INVESTMENT. – Engender Access to repeat and long loans, depending on previous repayment performance.

  3. In all cases and financing, TradeGrowth-Support does not avail cash directly to borrowers; we only do direct transfers or drafts to vendors, supplies, and business partners.

  4. Every borrower to submit to TradeGrowth-Support’s periodic finance/credit training sessions as a precondition for credit availment.

  5. Customer to sign collection agreement with a stand-by loan recovery agent, who is empowered to invoke all clauses of all agreements pertaining to the facility, witnessed by the customer’s solicitor.

  6. Customer to sign a stock hypothecation agreement and confiscation of goods in shop if defaulted. To this end, customer will issue receipt covering the total physical goods financed in the shop/business, to aid easy recovery if necessary.

  7. Security equity contribution of 10% of total principal requested, and this must be the cooperative account before any disbursements. This however, is refundable on completion of repayment of the principal + interest.

  8. Investing in TradeGrowth-Support is freewill and exit is guaranteed at anytime, with full reimbursement of total entitlement to the value of a members investment – provided a one month notice of given to the management.

  9. All our group loans are business oriented

  10. You are not to apply for any loan if the amount requested is not enough or too much for your business

  11. You mush be willing to sign the group guarantee form and affidavit in court

  12. You mush not apply for any loan when you don’t need the money

  13. You must not take any loan from us foe someone else or group member

  14. No group member must be above 60 years of age

Please be warned as all of these offences are punishable by law. Our activities are secured by trust and professionalism.