Code Named – Easy-Advance

This product is specially to cater for the credit needs of employees (SALARY EARNERS) of well-established companies, local corporate and public sector institutions.

Terms & Conditions

  • Client must be a confirmed employee of a well-established organization/public institution, and should also hold a cooperative interest in TradeGrowth-Support.
  • The obligor should have received salary through his/her account with any bank within the vicinity for at least 3 months. Direct debit from salary payment source is also an option for repayment.
  • Debt service ratio for installment/rentals does not exceed [40%] of monthly salary.
  • Account has never been classified or in debit for the last 3 months, evidenced by submitted account statement of borrower.
  • Assignment and domiciliation of salary from employer for the tenor of the facility and where applicable, domiciliation of terminal benefit/gratuities or personal guarantees of acceptable companies.
  • Facility tenor should not exceed customer’s expected retirement date and amount should not exceed 90% of gratuities.
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