Code Named – EduMee

This is TradeGrowth’s flagship product and foray into the educational sector. It provides easy and consistent platform for auto-sustainable and renewable provision and ease in school fees payment for parents.

Obtain loans for school fees payment and pay back in three(3) Months. Secure your child’s future by wise thrift.


  • Active member of the cooperative.

  • Save 50% of your wards terms school fees.

  • We add the additional 50% and transfer direct into the school’s account.

  • We work out a simple repayment plan to cover the 50% principal.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Parents must have a reliable and established source of income. Eg. Salary cheque or shop/business for weekly collections.

  2. The condition to enjoy the facility again is total clean up of the previous terms borrowing.

  3. Loan cycle is every term (termly). In other words, every 3 months duration.


  1. Edu – Ease Local: for local students (schools) within Nigeria.

  2. Edu – Ease Foreign: for foreign students in Ghana, Europe, China and USA.

Security: undated cheques, promissory note, clearance/guarantee by school’s proprietor, other unconventional collateral as the case may arise.

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