Human Capital Development at Tradegrowth-Support

Our human capital development is tailored towards meeting the needs of SMES’, and building their capacity for growth and learning along the newest knowledge paths with industry specifics. We bring to bear our wealth of experience over the years in nurturing and managing the visions of these very important small players in the economic and financial sector. We organize trainings for staff of corporate organizations at all levels: local corporate, SMES’, churches, schools, etc. Webinars and other web-based trainings and knowledge sharing sessions are held at periodic intervals for all categories of interested individuals. It entails the following areas:

  1. Leadership development initiatives.
  2. Line managers’ job function and design improvement.
  3. Organizational structure and processes’ enhancement.
  4. Increase employee satisfaction and retention.
  5. Job mastery and skills development.
  6. Increase work productivity.
  7. Trainings on talent development and improvement (youths’ specific).

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