Opportunities are available under the following platforms:

Partnership opportunities abound in various ways. It is our mission to move in a space of five years from a microfinance institution (MFI) into a full-fledged microfinance bank. Interested persons will demonstrate their bid to be part of this goal by taking up a chunk of our partnership offer that would metamorphose into a full stake in the company and her greater future, as an executive of a larger management board or a major share holder. That is, if you are totally satisfied first with the initial management and account of your invested funds.

Investment comes in the form of funds placement in either short-term or long-term with Tradegrowthsupport and investment MFI (microfinance institution) at a negotiated interest rate P.A. Investments of these kind are fixed and time-bound and investors are advised to give a months’ notice for every demand to withdraw principal invested.

Finance is more of short-term continuous placement of funds in our company in the form of target savings (daily/weekly collector) in a bid to access a loan for any of the product purposes listed. In addition, we get you to enjoy these:

  • Thriftiness – imbibing the culture of easy periodic savings.
  • Financial management – imbibe the discipline of taking informed financial decisions.
  • Business support for mostly expansion – guide your gradual growth plans.
  • Good returns on investment (ROI) – pay constant periodic interest on funds.
  • And continuous opportunity for credit availability at short notices for quick business response to opportunities.

The managing director is covered by a keyman insurance to cover all exposure that can come as a result of any unforeseen and unwholesome occurence. By this implication, funds under the control of the company are therefore protected by this extended cover.