About Tradegrowth-Support

“Business Overview”

TradeGrowth-Support was birthed in April, 2018 to support the genuine efforts and passions of the economically active small-time trader and business man and woman (mSMES/SMEs) to access micro loans, which is not always accommodated by the big time financial corporations, like banks and others. We provide multiple financial/interactive platforms into the huge untapped low-income, small-time trader and investor with a recipe for mutual benefit.

We are here to fill in the financial gap and need of the grass root sectors of the economy where we operate. We are a community-based lending/thrift savings institution that serve our immediate environment.

TradeGrowth-Support is a microfinance institution (MFI) that was incorporated in Nigeria in April, 2018, and has since played very important role of both organizing and galvanizing the local markets and community of traders around us.

We provide mostly working capital; small business asset finance, like grinding machines, refrigerators; and many other types of business-related assets, plus any other specific loan request as they arise; like store rent, and school fees finance for eligible parents.

We create products and services to advance loans to clients based on their business performance history and their track record in the particular area of business they operate. We are enabled to grant successful loans to these classes of small-time traders because of our fundamental expertise in this area of dealing with grass root dynamics better than any formal financial institution.

Our strategy is simple; our loan monitoring structures are simple; our repayment model does not put unnecessary pressure on our clients – to this end, we greatly foster financial inclusion of majorly the illiterate, unbanked, low-income market man and woman who may not be able to meet with the complex paper works and requirements of the traditional lending institutions.

We concentrate on fast moving/daily-sales, high-cash generating consumer goods at the heart of market centers in our catchment areas. While we keep our interest rates, commission and charges very low and affordable.

Intended borrowers must show physical evidence of existing shops, businesses for documentary verification and evaluation of capacity; above all, the aspect of the business that needs additional injection of funds to expand or grow the business is ascertained.

We do not grant more than 30% of total worth of stock held by the borrower at the time of loan disbursement. If you must access more funds, you must show evidence that the business is growing.

Our loan disbursement range is from N20, 000.00 TO N150, 000.00, with a repayment period not exceeding six months as the case may be. This is systematically increased for customers who show satisfaction with our facility and has shown evidence of performance and growth. Another criteria is how smooth and fast a customer repays a previous loan granted. Please visit our product page or approach our office for more details.

We do not lend outside our stated mandate, focus and developed product range.

Osokpor Tony Eloho (BSc. MBF.)

Meet The MD/CEO

Welcome to Trade Growth Support and Investment Ltd, a business based on People, Partnership and Trust.

At Tradegrowth-support, we provide the best service that suits different strata within the micro-credit framework at the grassroots level of the financial system; Low-Income, Small-time trader, mSME/SME and of course emerging new areas of the entrepreneurial aspirations of both the individual and the government and to meet the financial inclusion policy of the CBN.


We render financial service to the low income self-employed and micro-enterprises bordering on:

  • Microcredit for productive purposes/trading working capital.
  • Micro-savings /regular thrift savings.
  • Payment/transfer services.
  • Money transfer services.

We are building a financial system to support the economically active, small time business person.

Our Services at a Glance

TradeGrowth-Support & Investment Nig. Ltd takes pride in offering honesty and trust as a standard for our clients. Our business is built around the local community and for the people doing small-time businesses and trade around us; traders who suffer from inadequate financing for their economically active, honest and genuine efforts. We aim to avail our experience and knowledge in micro financing to help create a positive impart for the investor and livelihood for our small traders and businesses. Take a look below to see all that we offer, and get in touch if you would like to schedule a meeting. 

Salary Advance

This product is specially to cater for the credit needs of employees (SALARY EARNERS) of well-established companies.


Group Lending

Group loans is a lending package that helps small business owners access loan at very cheap rate …

“Educate Me With Ease” – EDU – EASE”

We provide an easy and consistent platform for parents to ease in school fees payment for their children/wards.

Auto-Thrift Savings/Loan Scheme

This product is the foundational lending thrust of TradeGrowth-Support targeting market traders, street vendors, small farmers etc

house rent

Rent Loan

The product is targeted at members/ customers who are traders in key market locations; majorly to serve as working capital.


Asset Finance

We provide finance for our members towards the acquisition of assets for the expansion of current business activities


CONFARM – Cooperative Farmers finance

A special product designed to support farmers who will become members of Tradegrowthsupport.


Festival Savings Scheme

Save money daily/Weekly/Monthly & get foodstuff for festive seasons or end of year celebration.

We also Offer Loan Recovery Services

TradeGrowthSupport is also engaged in loan recovery activities through our loan recovery agent and partner Cheetah Business Services Int’l Nig. enterprises. We understand the complexities of debt/asset recovery and we tailor our activities to suit all types of debt and asset recovery/management. Our experience and expertise in this area speaks for us and we assure you of the utmost professionalism and expertise in carrying out our mandates.

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