Money Demands Honour Always!.. Trust Elements in Gaining Wealth

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“The Abuse of the higher principles of money is a fatal error that may not be forgiven without a bigger cost” – Osokpor Tony Eloho

It is almost an impossible thing to talk of the standard and prevalence of trust today without talking about money. Money is the direct culprit of the gradual erosion of the level of trust in society. Money in its various forms: gold, jewelry, stocks, shares, capital, assets, property, real estate, currency, etc. To really get the true test of trust is to place money side by side with trust; then you can truly see what men are worth!All issues of distrust today can be traced to man’s quest for money and fame: material gain and prestige over other men.

Incorporated into the general principles of life are the unbreakable principles of generating wealth and sustaining it. It is important we talk about this, because it has always been issues of money and material gains that have tried man’s emotions most in this life and man has always been culpable in that regard. It is very relevant, however, to state that money has its enduring processes that can never be short-changed, no matter how hard we try. Though, those that try and seem to succeed, only succeed temporarily. And the pursuit of money at the expense of all other virtues, especially trust, is mere futility.

“Anybody that refuses to live Upright because of money has willfully offered himself as a slave to lucre, no matter how highly placed or successful he may become” – Osokpor Tony Eloho

There are about four principles we may bring out from the very essence of money and according to how money is genuinely made: the power of relativity and inherent programming of money; the power of returns and investment; the principle and consequence of the application of money (cause and effect fundamentals); money consolidation and multiple flow principle.

There are many others that we can look at from so many other perspectives that may not be relevant to our line of discourse now. But these four are very important to our cause at the moment. To abuse money is to assume to be able to cut corners when pursuing money; this is definitely not the honourable path to take and may boomerang in one’s face in no time! So keep your virtues of life, they are all what you can hold unto. Do not contend with money in the wrong way if you want to live a life full of fulfilment and achievement. But let us still look at these principles:

“Honor the principles of money in your life and you wouldn’t to cut corners to archive what God has already bestowed upon your” – Osokpor Tony Eloho

  1. The power of relativity and inherent programming of money: Money is always made in relation to some other activities in life. Money is never known to stand alone in life, and any time money is made standing alone, that means there must have been some breach somewhere and somehow in the cause of making that money. And when money stands alone, it renders that very money essence empty and devoid of meaning, value and worth. It is in fact dangerous to allow money stand alone, because it can have the tendency to attract all the vices known to be associated with raw money. This is where it becomes the root of all evil – money without root, foundation, substance and cause, justification and direction becomes the root of all evil!

  2. The Power of Even Returns and Investment: This is the consequence of applying money to some future benefit and returns. Money has an inherent tendency to multiply itself over time through wise application and planning of a healthy cause of action tied to goods and services’ exchange based on acquiring certain value and preserving value in both tangible and intangible forms. Money investments are virtually life’s investments, because money is like the blood of human social relationships. So, if you want to get the most out of human and societal relationships, it will be a wise decision to always have a mind-set of investing into some future venture with legitimate value proposition into your future comforts and life. This gives rise to all the management concepts we bandy about, and is the only root of financial education  – how can we plan, strategize and execute actions and activities that will result in future accumulation of benefits, wealth and comforts?

  3. The Principle of the Incidence and Implication of Money: Money is always incidental to all our actions in life – especially, emotionally prone ones. That is, we cannot separate money from our actions, either good or bad actions, all determined by the time and season of their interplay. But the time it takes to make money legitimately, may be longer than how long it takes to make it through wrongful and unwholesome actions and activities. Most times, money even takes a process that cannot be separated from our level of growth, maturity, patience and mental development. So, with good understanding, it may not be worth all the frets and tensions associated with the inordinate crave for money. Money will surely come if you can get all the actions right! – this is the aspect of emotional maturity when it comes to money issues in life; get this principle right and observe how you will fly in time – when the time of your effort is ripe and right!

  4. Money Consolidation and Multiple Flow Principle: Money is consolidated over time and genuine efforts in the life of all sincere seekers of money. They say money is a good servant that possesses the potency to attract all other servants of its kind into our barn. If you can very well establish yourself over time, money will flow towards your direction in multiple strings. And check it out!There is no human being who has not experienced the excessive flow of money towards their direction at one time or the other, but the consolidation principle dictates that you catch unto it and apply all the other principles of investment and planning to sustaining and increasing your supply over time. In this also, we can talk about the misuse of money; there are very many people who do not understand this principle.They, therefore, assume that the money they possess at any given time only ends its value and power in their hands at that given time. Money is actually a tool for our consolidation in the scheme of society.

But the real essence of making money is in the value of earning it. I have always wanted to explain this in a simpler way,but cannot, except by stating that all dislocation of the process of getting money is always spelt in latter disasters of personality and societal challenges. So, the process of getting or making money must be a controlled process, carefully manned by every responsible society. Money is not the issue, but how it regulates and balances human efforts and emotions is the importance of it. For instance, the process of getting money should follow a strict line of recommended action that should be geared towards:

  • Character moulding.

  • Effort rewarding.

  • Example setting.

  • Precedence laying.

  • Fulfilment generating, not excitement or sensual satisfaction.

Once these are lost in an individual or society’s life, then, know there is an evidence of a dislocation of the process of acquiring money. This is money without its overcoat of dignity and honour – on this platter, therefore, we place the natural principles of trust side by side with money.

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